Data Specialist

Posted Oct 11, 2019
Project ID: UNILJP00009186
2 months (Oct 14, 2019 - Dec 31, 2019)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
0 - 68 €/hr

The Integrated Operations Benelux team consist of various roles that make Excellent Execution a success. One of these roles is the GS1 Coordinator. Less time spent on Running the Business to reinvest in Growing the Business whilst Improving Customer and Employee Satisfaction is the vision of Integrated operations. Integrated Operations brings Customer Development, Supply Chain and Sales within Unilever Benelux together in realizing excellent execution. The 4 principles driving Integrated Operations are: end 2 end ownership, maximized automation, one version of the truth and continuous improvement. Team members within Integrated Operations embrace the vision and their daily work practice reflects the 4 principles of Integrated Operations. Integrated Operations effectively works in a cross-country setting, embracing cultural diversity and working in virtual teams.

Competencies key to make Integrated Operations a success, are:
• Practical creativity
• Enterprising behavior
• Ability to learn

You are part of the back bone of the whole business. Think of R&D, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain and GS1. Your business role and interaction with them is crucial to translate their needs to create better quality of data, processes and On Time In Full delivery of data products. You will strongly work with project leaders to generate information that will enrich Innovations, Hard- and Soft switches.

In this job you will have the E2E governance for data enrichment, roles and responsibilities to deliver on time in full deliveries to customers. This will be achieved by continuous improvement & automation, first time right at source, speed of execution, healthily and consolidated product life cycle data.
Some (10-20%) travel will be required to ensure full engagement of your BNL stakeholders in driving the on time delivery and the continuous improvement.


• HBO or University degree
• Pre: knowledge of end-to-end Product Life Cycle Process
• Pre: Business partner experience to deliver results
• Solid understanding of Informatica 360/PIM2C, SAP PLM, GDS
• Strong Excel modelling skills
• Ability to work fluidly with data and across systems
• Fluent in English and Dutch both in reading and writing. French is preferable.

• Goal orientation
• Practical creativity
• Analytical ability
• Enterprising behavior
• Influencing others
• Ability to learn

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