Mid Term Repack Officer

Posted Jan 20, 2022
Project ID: UNILJP00014045
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
49 - 72 €/hr

Background information

A significant part of product portfolio is re-packed for the purpose of channel differentiation, promotions or to boost the proposition at point of sales. This is mostly managed through re-packing of standard product. The timely and qualitatively execution of these “repacks” is crucial to achieve service and business goals.  


General purpose of position

The MTRO is the expert of repacking within the categories under his responsibility where he will continuously search for the best fitted solution at the lowest possible cost.

The MTRO will receive all new briefings from different requestors across the business and transform the request into an executable repack assignment. He will work on a mid-term horizon and will act as gatekeeper for repack requests. An MTRO is also responsible for reporting the Repack KPI scorecard (Smart complexity reduction, Cost savings, case fill, obsoletes) to the Business Meetings. On occasion the MTRO will present the CCBT lead the KPI Scorecard and take appropriate actions together with the Business.

The MTRO has intensive contact with: Marketing, CD and category Management, CSS (SCOL/CFS), P&I coordinators, Procurement officers and third parties to ensure there is continuous alignment between business needs and the operational plan in supply chain.



As business partner you participate in cross functional projects promotions, informing initiators about possibilities and risks. 

• To act as gatekeeper for following the repack golden rules, for example: minimum requirement of concerning costs, volume and lead-times for repack.

• Provide repack costs for input business case new repack activity

• Manage mid-term re-packing capacity (RCCP), identifying and resolve constraints

• To arrange testing at repackers, and for new sku’s communicate results back to the business.

• To provide information and a model of the promotion to the re-packer to allow him to build a price.

• To manage the necessary pre-ordering set-up for the promotional products. 

• To follow up, execute and communicate anything related to the development of new repack sku’s.

• To arrange pack development with packaging suppliers.

• Collection of master data. Make sure that all master data is complete and create a technical document to start the master data creation process. 

• Responsible for product life cycle management. 

• Support and propose late differentiation initiatives.

• Maintenance and update European Shopping basket

• Update the Repack Scorecard

• To act as repack representative within planning meetings

• Deep understanding and analysis of product portfolio



• Provide the business with appealing new SKU’s against lowest possible repacking costs.

• Integrity of the long-term capacity plan for re-packing (RCCP)

• Integrity of the mid-term re-packing plan

• Integrity of the mid-term material requirement plan for re-pack materials

• Master data accuracy

• Maximum use of European opportunities (i.e. ESB, reg. display) 

• Quality of the Finished products


Key deliverables

• Customer casefill (On Time In full) 

• Costs in line with targets and spend in line with budget

• Quality 

• Minimise obsoletes


Key skills required & competencies

• Planning skills

• Basic project management

• Excellent communication skills 

• Affinity with systems and digital infrastructure

• Third party management

• Proactive problem solver

• Customer focused

• Influencing others

• Persistent

• Analytical skills

• Business Sense, overlooking SC boundaries

• Continuous improvement


Key experience and qualifications required

• Affinity with FMCG-market

• Bachelor’s degree or equal experience

• Understanding go-to-market processes in Benelux

• Background in logistics, retail operations or marketing operations

• Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience

• Knowledge of ERP systems

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