Portfolio and Innovation Coordinator

Posted Mar 15, 2021
Project ID: UNILJP00012243
6 months
(Mar 22, 2021 - Sep 21, 2021)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
29 - 54 €/hr

Meat to please you! We are looking for new ‘meat on the block’ to join us in the biggest food revolution of all times.

Ten years ago on October 4th (world animal day) Jaap Korteweg, 9th generation farmer and meat lover, founded The Vegetarian Butcher. Together with a devoted team of chefs and scientists he created innovate and sustainable meat successors directly from beans and legumes. Great tasting meat products, perfect i-meat-ations in flavor, texture and juiciness, but without the use of the animal.

This was the start of our mission to become the biggest butcher in the world, by making plant-based meat the new standard. We try to make our mission a reality Through Craftmanship, Human Connections, Entrepreneurship, Rebelliousness, Humour, Passion, Optimism, Sustainability and Pioneering. When Unilever acquired the company end of 2018 they joined in on this mission and committed to accelerate the biggest food revolution of all time.

Since the acquisition of the Vegetarian Butcher by Unilever, the company is scaling-up fast. In this journey at exponential pace we are looking for an Portfolio and Innovation Coordinator that is very flexible and can handle hectic situations.

Main Responsibilities

I. Project Management

Responsible for the OTIF delivery of all portfolio changes at The Vegetarian Butcher globally, e.g. innovations, relaunches, reallocations, technical changes and saving projects.

Represent all SC functions in the core project team, which exists of Marketing, R&D and P&I.

Project and portfolio responsibility for the end to end supply chain, with key accountability to ensure all plan, source, make and deliver activities are completed on time in full.

Ensure all innovation implementations are planned taking into account the delivery of the key category KPI’s (Quality/Cost/Service/Stocks/Obsoletes);

Support the business in the scoping and selection of new 3PMs, keeping in mind the 3PM strategy.

Minimize waste by creating an efficient supply chain and product life cycle management.

Coordinate code creation and masterdata set-up to make a launch happen.

Review business cases.

Give feedback and provide guidance on global gatekeeping for innovation, renovations and roll-out projects.

Identify risks and ensure mitigations are in place to deliver global projects.

II. Portfolio and Operations

Support in managing the portfolio and complexity reduction initiatives.

Ensure continuous improvement and complexity reduction in all innovation projects.

Ensures adequate communication channels are in place between SU/3PM & Unilever

Key Requirements

Skills & Experience

Experience (at least 1-2 years) in SC covering Quality, Source, Manufacturing or Planning.

Strong affinity with Manufacturing.

Knowledge of processes and technology associated with an FMCG company.

Proven and recognized achievements in project management.

Financial awareness / cost understanding.

Numeric and IT skills, including the use of SAP and Excel.

Category specific experience, understanding of the materials conversion processes.


Being able to cope with hectic situations


Motivated to get things done/persistent

Analytical ability

Organizational awareness

Influencing others – including external parties

Enterprising behavior

Team player with excellent communication

Strong accountability and bias for action

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