Terms and conditions

  1. The Freelancer has accepted and agreed on the applicable End User License Agreement for entrance and use of the Unilever Freelance Platform;
  2. The Freelancer has a number of Chamber of Commerce and tax number in the Netherlands; or local copy Chamber of Commerce and tax number when not working in The Netherlands.
  3. The Freelancer has not worked in the last 3 months for more than 2 years at Unilever;
  4. Contracting will be done by the by Unilever appointed broker Ajilon under the condition that the control measures (‘beheersmaatregelen’) that are implemented by Ajilon and Unilever and which are based on the DBA legislation (‘Wet deregulering beoordeling arbeidsrelaties’), are met;
  5. Unilever Freelance Platform coordinates -among other things- the process of contracting Freelancers for Unilever by making use of the appointed broker Ajilon;
  6. Concerning commercial conditions the following steps are applicable:

- Unilever and the Freelancer will agree on a hourly pay rate (exclusive VAT);

- The invoicing of the hours worked by the Freelancer will be done by Ajilon based on selfbilling. Invoicing shall be carried out on basis of actual hours worked and approved by Unilever;

- The pay rate shall be payable by Ajilon to Freelancer for the actual number of hours worked by the Freelancer, as far as these hours are controlled and approved by Unilever. Freelancer will provide the weekly hours worked actually by him in a manner that is indicated by Ajilon or MSP;

  • Invoicing will take place by selfbilling on the basis of hours actually worked, correctly recorded and approved by Unilever. The invoice must comply with the rules stipulated by Ajilon. The Freelancer is responsible for the correct and timely provision of the information required for selfbilling to Ajilon and for the timely approval of the check email with the selfbilling information.
  • With reference to point 7, the original Freelance rate and the final Freelance rate should include all expenses (e.g. travel for home to work);
  • 3.Expenses may only be claimed if they have specifically been agreed in advance by Unilever. All expenses should have supporting documentation attached to the claim (e.g. copies of receipts or Unilever’s approval for expenses)
  • 4. After finishing a Work order/Order, Freelancer will implement a discount of 5% on the pay rate for Work orders/Orders to be performed within an period of 3 months after termination of the existing Work order/Order.